Our Story

ClayMatter began when some modellers from the Big 4 accounting firms asked themselves a simple question: how do we do better for our clients? The solution: take motivated, experienced and commercial people and support them to do what they love.

Our services

We help clients solve complex business problems through simple and logical modelling solutions, typically using Excel. Our shopping list of services includes building models, reviewing (often referred to as auditing) models and training modellers.

As a boutique firm, we have chosen to keep quality at the forefront of our thinking. You will never get the B team or the trainee graduate left on the bench. We are small enough to focus on every relationship, yet experienced enough to perform on big projects.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your modelling needs, please contact us.

We are FAST

ClayMatter is a signatory to the FAST modelling standard, which is a continuously evolving modelling guideline founded upon the belief that all models should be Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent. More information about the FAST standard is available at http://www.fast-standard.org

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